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" a very ominous survey on the economy that can really affect each and every one of us. a vast majority of economists surveyed says a whooping eight out of ten businesses say the economy will grow only slightly this year, just 2% or less. that is simply not enough for job growth. jon: the very same survey by the national association for business economics finds companies are not hiring because of sluggish growth projections. 29% of respondents say they expect employment will increase in the next six months. that is the lowest number in nearly two years. but there is even more troubling news as 12% of those businesses polled say the labor market will weaken even more. and that is a big problem given that our national unemployment rate is stuck at more than 9%. jenna: those are the prediction. here is another report, it's far from the only kind of warning we have on the economic front. new fears today about another debt downgrade for the united states. that could happen, according to some reports, within the next month. elizabeth mcdonald with the fox business network is live with the det
in the trial of the accused underwear bomber. we're so glad you're with us, everybody. i'm jenna lee. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott 6 "happening now", his name is umar farouk abdulmutallab. the nigerian native representing himself in court assisted by a court-appointed attorney who will apparently deliver the opening statement. jenna? jenna: we'll talk a lot more about that later on in a legal statement we have today. the evidence is stacked high against this 24-year-old who was badly burned in a plane full of witnesses and prosecutors say he told the fbi he was working for al qaeda at the time of the attack that is the situation right now. let's get to mike tobin live outside the courthouse in detroit with the latest. we have a little bit of an idea what the prosecution has to say, mike but what about the defense? >> well, so far the defense hasn't had a very successful day. they have put in two motions trying to block some of this very compelling evidence from getting into court and both of those motions were denied. we do have an idea as far as what the prosecution is going to d
. you guys have a great weekend too. see you on monday. jon: the weekend is upon us. happy friday to you. jenna: weekend almost here. jon: i'm jon scott. jenna: hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. we're glad you're spending a bit of your friday with us today. we're here in the fox newsroom. we have new news on the labor market the. jon: good news for at least part of the country. the unemployment rate fell in half of u.s. states last month but still not enough to pull down the nation's unemployment rate. that remains at 9.1%. that comes after the senate rejected a big piece of president obama's jobs bill. jenna: mike emanuel in washington with more on this. mike, any comment from the white house on the measures that failed in the senate last night? >> reporter: they are aggravated by one bill passing. the other one not much of a complaint. the other one upset, first-responders, $35 billion to put first-responders back to work and people back in the classrooms. the president issuing this response late last night, quote, for second time two weeks every single republican in the united states sena
costume, tomorrow! "happening now" starts right now. jen hi everybody we're so glad you're with us on this thursday, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, we are here in the fox news room, bringing you the news, "happening now", all eyes are on the economy and brand new numbers just out. first up, our nation's gross domestic product, or gdp, which measures whether our economy is growing or shrinking. the latest data shows the economy grew modestly over the summer, at a rate of 2 1/2%. it's more or less in line with what wall street expected. but it is important to remember this data will be revised two more times before we get the final number. regardless, right now, our gdp does not suggest enough economic activity for any significant growth in the jobs number. jenna: and jobs with the key word today, almost every day, we have new numbers out on unemployment today, showing the number of americans filing for unemployment dipped slightly last week, still, the drop isn't enough really to suggest hiring is picking up. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live on the north lawn wit
feeling. gregg: great way to start the week, isn't it. jenna: glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. we're getting new details on the missing missouri baby lisa irwin. investigators recreating the alleged kidnapping scene at the girl's home over the weekend. police now say parents are cooperating. steve brown live in chicago with the latest. steve? >> reporter: there is activity related to this case and that is a good sign. we're just not hearing reports from police about any new good leads in the case of this missing 10-month-old. police were seen as you pointed outgoing in and out of a bedroom window at the irwin home. this links up with some of the first information that the police had to work with when the 10-month-old was reported missing last tuesday. a bedroom window where lisa irwin was reported unlocked. this is a examination of a abduction scenario. family members spent their day or at least a portion of it at the nearby kansas speedway distributing flyers to the nascar fans. 80,000 turned out for the race. generally folks coming to these r
't know, and eleven hours of it. jon: it's a strange case. steve brown has the latest for us from chicago. i guess, steve that some of the relatives are speaking out now as well. >> reporter: yeah they are insisting that the police have it wrong in this particular case. ashley irwin who happens to be little lisa irwin's aunt is essentially saying the same thing the parents are saying of this missing 10month-old. what the police are saying now is not true. >> if congress does something i can't run against a do nothing congress. >> reporter: quite clearly that was the president and that is not the right sound for this particular story. essentially what she is saying is that they are cooperating. that they do have u know, a very keen interest in assisting police, but that the police have it wrong here, jon, when they say that the family is not cooperating. apparently there was at some point during the tuesday questioning something of a flash point, if you will in regards to the interview in which it broke down. back to you. jon: we are glad your lights are on too. i know i've covered a lot o
for us. >> reporter: if you think about who she's suspects have shot at, a police officer, an pwhr-pbs and regular motorists it really is brazen and scary. foe car only one person has actually been hit, a guy whose car was targeted and the bullet pierced his calf. here is another driver that was not hurt when a bullet hit his car. >> i saw the person, i heard the pop i saw the gun all in one shot. i'm thinking number one i'm glad i didn't have my daughter with me. i just dropped her off at school. so i was happy about that. >> reporter: i'm sure he was. meantime the shooters or shooters terrorizing southern california still on the loose and we have a name for one of them, enrique ayon, a hispanic male with a dark complexion, a shaved head, brown eyes, 5'8", about 190 pounds. he is considered as you said, jon, arm and dangerous. he and one other man spotted in a 2006 white chevy malibu. we want to give you the license plate number and the number to call the police if you have any information. it's a california plate 5pom917. and you can reach the california highway control at the nu
are with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. "happening now" the national transportation safety board is trying to find out why a private helicopter took off and then tud lee plunged into new york city's east river. that briefing from the ntsb is just getting underway at the crash site. five people on board at the time the helicopter went down. all but one made it automatic alive. the pilot said to be extremely experienced. he owns a company that manages a local airport. witnesses say the crash happened very quickly. >> it peeled over and it went over the propellers -- it didn't break apart, it didn't, you know -- it just went right overhead, it went -- the ceiling -- it's almost as if you just went like that. >> when you saw that happen -- >> when the mist was cleared, when the splash was over, most of that helicopter was submerged. now i ran over, it took me about maybe 20 seconds, and i thought i'd see people bobbing around in the water and there was no one. i yelled over to the people that were there, i said, where is everyone? and they said, they are not up yet. fdny was th
but he will bring us his answers. former new mexico governor gary johnson is here. still a little steamed he was excluded from the stage last night. he will be taking your questions. tell us what you want to know. get on the live chat. e-mail us. log on to,/happeningnow and look for the illuminated box right there. >>> a fox news alert now. the u.s. is spearheading what appears to be a major offensive in eastern afghanistan against the feared haqqani terror network. the insurgents are believed responsible for some my profile attacks against our forces including last month's deadly 19 hour assault on the u.s. embassy in kabul. the joint operation with afghan soldiers follows months of escalating tensions between the u.s. and pakistan over a group of militants the u.s. says has the support of pakistan's spy agency. ely out of pakistan's tribal areas along the border with afghanistan. conner powell is dreaming live from for us. conner. >> reporter: particularly the southern part of afghanistan has decreased in kabul and eastern part of afghanistan where the haqqani ne
joining us this morning, "happening now" is history, history in the making. we're glad you're with us, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we are catching all of the breaking news out of libya. we have video that is said to show the deposed dictator, moammar gadhafi, dead. now, we must warn you, this is very graphic video. it was taken by joyous anti-gadhafi fighters. the vid goal reportedly shows gadhafi after he was shot by rebel forces in sirte. still a lot of confusion about exactly what transpireded there. so far no confirmation by u.s. intelligence sources, but it does appear that the man who ruled that country for more than four decades, the so-called mad dog of the middle east, is dead. jenna: and that's the headline for today. libya's prime minister telling the associated press that gadhafi was killed when fighters overran his hometown that jon just mentioned, the hometown of sirte. nato confirming it hit a convoy of gadhafi loyalists fleeing sirte as the city fell today. but we still don't know what exactly happened to gadhafi. today's events, though, bring to a cl
more about it, doug. nice to have you with us, thank you very much. jon: we are waiting right now for an important bail hearing in massachusetts, prosecutors accuse 26-year-old reswan purdos of plot to go fly remote aircraft packed with high explosives into the pentagon and u.s. capitol. molly line is streaming live outside the u.s. district court in massachusetts, molly, what can we expect in court today? >> reporter: hi jon. that's right, reswan furdel is expected to face a judge and prosecutors are expected to ask that he will be held without bail pending these serious accusations. investigators believe he was meeting with people he thought were al-qaeda agents, in reality they were under cover fbi agents, and that he believes he was working to create a pretty complicated plot to bomb the u.s. pentagon and u.s. capitol, using these small drone aircraft that would be packed with c4 explosives and then when people came running out of the buildings the plan was to have several associated along with him open fire on those innocent people that were fleeing the scene that he had plan
a worldwide travel alert for all americans. hi, everybody, year glad you're with us on this very busy day. i'm jenna lee. gregg: it is busy indeed. i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. brand new development in the brazen terror plot busted wide open. iran's elite military unit accused of directing the plan but tehran is denying everything. that plot centering on the assassination of the saudi arabian ambassador to the u.s. the plan reportedly to blow him up inside a d.c. restaurant packed with hundreds of diners, possibly including members of congress. also there is word the plot included bombing the saudi and israeli embassies in washington, d.c.. jenna: that is the plot. hear is the man. the feds say this man coordinated the plot here in the united states. he is naturalized american citizen living for the most part in texas. they say he arranged to pay 1 1/2 million dollars to a man he believed was a mexican cartel hilt man who turned out to be a informant. he is behind bars, held without bail. gregg: his friends are shocked at these charges. take a listen. >> nice guy. very energetic. very
the program's trust fund. he uses that term, raid a second time in the piece as well. when you talk about shaking up the republican party, is that a good shake, chris? you anticipate that being a good shake for the republican party or a bad shake? >> well, ferry, who has been miserable in the polls of late and needs to shake things up. he has to take some chances. he added on new staffers. he is rolling out a big ad buy. he needs something that will shake this up. this is risky play for him to come out and go back into this issue but he has to do something. the current trend line leaves him out of the running and doesn't give him the opportunity to be the guy conservatives like. conservative republicans love the idea of entitlement reform. it is risky in the general election as mitt romney pointed out time and time again. something that the republican base really has their heart set on. jenna: you mentioned risky. every single time we talk about the nation's debt, some guest, some pundit, some economic expert says, hey, unless we're talking about entitlements we'll not come close to solvi
it to happen at any moment. >>> we'll begin with more breaking news, everybody, we're glad you're with us today, we start with the deadliest shooting in orange county history, shattering a quiet southern california beach town. gregg: this is horrific. i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. we're here in the fox newsroom and "happening now", seal beach, california, witnesses say a gunman, apparently enraged over a custody battle, walked quietly into a beauty salon where his ex-wife worked, pulled out guns, and opened fire. now eight people are dead. jenna: police arresting the suspect about half a mile from the scene. take a listen to their reaction: >> it's really unbelievable. quite frankly. it's just something unfathomable for many of us, probably all of us in this community, and i think we're all -- our community is in shock, as well as the police department as well. jenna: casey stegall is live from seal beach with more. casey. >> reporter: yeah, and jenna, what makes this so terrifying is that it literally could have happened anywhere, because as you drive into this little shopping complex, i
: you could have it as well. we're glad you're with us, everybody. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. "happening now", texas governor rick perry announcing his way of creating jobs. >> giving an a-- giving an address in a steel mill in pennsylvania. we're showing awe live shot of that as we take you into the newsroom now. gregg: for the first time since unveiling -- since entering the presidential race, he's unveiling this jobs plan. jenna: the key, energy. >> reporter: jenna, the governor just began speaking a few minutes ago, but as anticipated, he is talking about further development of energy here in the united states, specifically, in oil and natural gas sectors. but this is what he describes as all of the above kind of energy strategy which he believes will end up creating something in the neighborhood, he says, of about 1.2 million jobs. governor perry says on top of this, that it is something that can be done by the next administration, his administration, within the first 100 days it could be launched and he would not need the assistance or, if you w
that late. jenna: we're glad you're with us, everybody. the team is back. i'm jenna lee. happening now, one of the worst race car tragedieses ever kills two-time indy champ dan wheldon at the las vegas speedway. >> oh, multiple cars involved. jenna: his car, one of those cars bursting into flames sunday after a chain-reaction crash involved more than a dozen in the race there. the smashup sending his car flying through the air before it slammed against a wall and exploded. the. jon: rescue workers on the scene quickly, airlifting wheldon to the hospital. the 33-year-old champion died surrounded by his wife and two young sons. other drivers overwhelmed by the loss. >> i can't, i think about, i'm just thinking about suzie and the boys and i think about them i'm struggling to hold it together. but he, yeah. i don't know what else to say. >> just ask everybody else to pray because the family is the one say stays and families suffer most of it. so, that's the way, that -- unfortunately it is hard. we've got to accept. jon: casey stiegel is following the story live from our los angeles bureau. ca
that is going to be before the senate. there are too many people hurting in this country for us to do nothing. and the economy is just too fragile for us to let politics get in the way of action. we've got a responsibility to the people who sent us here. so i hope every senator things long and hard about what is at stake when they cast their vote next week. with that i will take your questions and i will start with ben of the associated press. >> thank you very much mr. president. i'd like to ask you about two economic matters. federal rekefr chairman ben bernanke warned congress this week that the economy recovery is close to faltering. do you agree, and secondly, on our jobs bill the american people are sick of games, and you mentioned games in your comments, they want results. won't it be more productive to work with republicans on a plan that you know could pass congress as opposed to going around the country talking about your bill and singling out and calling out republicans by name? >> well, first of all, with respect to the state of the economy, there is no doubt that growth has slowe
, we're glad you're with us, happy halloween, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott, and "happening now", this fox news -- fox news election alert, presidential candidate herman cain places fire on several fronts, a report claiming that cain was accused of sexual harassment by two women in the 1990s, it's a report the cain campaign is denying. there are also new allegations about campaigning financing, the news comes as cain is surging in several national polls. jenna: chief political spores condoo correspondent carl cameron is working this live from washington. big picture, what are we to make of these reports? >> reporter: the cain campaign said they have known about the allegations for weeks and the story was going to surface, that during the '90s when cain was the ceo of the national restaurant association at least two female subordinates complained about inappropriate langd behavior by dr. cain and they were given six figure settlement toss leave their jobs and keep quiet. mr. cain, the georgia businessman will be here in a matter of minutes to answer questions about this, but earl
're watching "happening now.". we're glad you're with us i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. brand new numbers paint a grim picture of voter sentiment on the jobs front. jenna: according to new cbs-"new york times" poll 56% of americans say president obama lack as strong jobs plan. a little more than one out of two of us. listen to this. 71% say the same thing about congressional republicans, jon, on tax reform, 65% say they would support a tax hike on millionaires if it went lowering budget deficit. jenna: when you break it out by part affiliation there is divide. 38% support the plan. majority does not but majority of independents and democrats do. support the tax you just mentioned. jon: what does this all mean in the red hot race for the white house? let's talk about it with karl rove,. former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. a fox news contributor. nobody crunches the numbers better than karl does. first off, karl, we've thrown a lot of numbers at but i want to get this one to you. right wrong direction poll whether americans think the country is headi
. we're glad you're with us on a friday, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we're here in the fox news room and "happening now, a sudden about face, investigator interviews with baby lisa's two brothers are on hold. jenna: we're also hearing reports of a rift between two attorneys representing baby lisa's parents, one lawyer reacting to reports, the other, fired her from the legal team. jon: this after a sudden search yesterday of a nearby pond, near to the family home that turned up nothing. mike tobin is live in kansas city, with the latest on this very strange case. what is prompting the postponement of these interviews, mike? >> reporter: well, you did clarify it right, we got it from kansas city police that the interviews with the siblings was postponed, not canceled, but it comes as a spat between the lawyers representing the parents boils over into a public forum, the information that that interview was postponed came at the office of the very high profile new york attorney joe tacopina and was relayed to the kansas city police but it comes at the same time information was relay
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're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. we're here in the fox newsroom with "happening now.". gun running scandal and botched government sting that sent weapons into mexico and some weapons fell into the hands of the gun cartel. jenna: charles grassley is speaking exactly where the program went wrong. this is a man at the center of it all, attorney general eric holder, is wrapping up his very own live event. jon: our own doug mackel say is live for us in washington. bring us up to it, doug. >> reporter: we heard from senator chuck grassley since the justice department fired back. grassley the ranking member of the senate judiciary committee after the justice department again fired back whether a third gun was found at the scene of border patrol agent brian terry's murder. the doj insists there was no such gun. here is what grassley had to say a few hours ago. excuse me. we'll get that for you a little bit later on. but this the meantime, grassley has said all along what he most wants to do is get answers for the slain border patrol agent, grassley wants to know, quote, who approve
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